Name Price
A Blood Ninja 10,000 Gold
A Celtic Warrior (Members Only) 5,000 Gold
A Dark Acolyte (Members Only) 25,000 Gold
A Fighter 5,000 Gold
A Imperial PLate Armour 200,000 Gold
A Peasent Rags 2 Gold
A Robe of The Arcane (Members Only) 50,000 Gold
A Rogue Leather (Members Only) 10,000 Gold
A Scorpian Assasin Armour 30,000 Gold
A Simple Green Healers Armour 100 Gold
A Simple Robe 500 Gold
A Steelplate 5,000 Gold


  • For shops I use a letter on the side next to the name of every Item to describe what it is
  • A = Armour
  • AX = Axe
  • C = Cape
  • CL = Class
  • H = Helm
  • S = Sword
  • P = Pet
  • PL = Polearm

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