BattleUnder Room 8 (Boss)



  • Random Spanw x10
    • Skeletal Fire Mage
    • Skeletal Ice Mage
    • Skeletal Soldier
    • Skeletal Viking
    • Skeletal Warrior
    • undead Gaint
    • Undead Berserker
  • Bone Terror x1


  • Yara


  • N/A

Map Name:Edit

  • battleundera

Room Limit:Edit

  • 11

Access Points:Edit

  • /jon battleundera
  • Battleon Town
    • Zorbak's Room - Wlak into the hole in the tree
    • Aria's Room - Click on the paw portrait then walk into the hole under the rug
    • Warlick's Room - Click on the books on the top shelf then walk into the hole under the rug
  • Cellar - Door in the top-left room
  • Button in News
  • Returning from BattleUnder B

Screen Shots:Edit

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