Name Price
A Forest Fairy Dress 500 Gold
A Daisy Wrap Dress 500 Gold
A Typhoon Robe (Members Only) 1,500 Gold
A Terra Robe 1,500 Gold
A Zephyr 1,500 Gold
A Molten Robe (Members Only) 1,500 Gold
A Ballroom Dress (Members Only) 8,000 Gold
A Red Asian Dess (Members Only) 10,000 Gold
A Astute Dress (Members Only) 10,000 Gold
C Fairy Wings (AC) 15 AC
C Noble Cloak (AC) 15 AC
C Courtly Cape (AC) 15 AC
C Aristacratic Cloak (AC) 20 AC
C Cunning Fox Tail (AC) 20 AC
C 3 Fox Tails (AC) 25 AC
S Lovely Fan 100 Gold
M Golden Cheeseburger 100 Gold

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