Mad Magical Weaponsmith!Edit

Hiya! I'm Cysero, and this is my Clubhouse! I think it was someone else's a while ago but no one complained when I redecorated so I guess it's mine now. You are welcome to poke around, play with things, push buttons, break stuff… whatever. Just have fun… or else.

  • Cysero's Quests

All these class trainers trying to sell you on Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Intellect and Wisdom are fine… but if you REALLY want to have some fun you need some more RANDOM in your life. All MY Enhancements are heavy on Luck (which also helps you crit)!

  • Reserved Enh Shop - Lucky

At Shadowfall WarEdit

Mad Magical Weaponsmith!Edit

One does not simply walk into Shadowfall… not if one is a lich bent on world-takeover. If I were ME, I would have just rung the doorbell. Maybe brought some sandwiches for goodwill. And then, you know, just asked if I could take over Empress Gravelyn's army. But then, unlike Noxus, my brain isn't made of reconstituted worm-rot.

When the war reached to 100%

Mad Magical Weaponsmith!Edit

Well done, you! You Hero'd it up just in time in there. Noxus didn't stand a chance. Best luck taking down Vordred. Remember, a sandwich in your stomcah is worth two in backpack! You'll need to keep your energy up for the big battle ahead.


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